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Interior Design Meets Computer Vision And Computational Photography – An Exciting Combination


What distinguishes good design? How can an AI produce good design?


At what point does a work become art? Can computer-generated works be art at all?


Many current approaches to the generation of pictorial data are based on Stable Diffusion – Do you want more info?


Today’s paradigm for defining algorithms is more and more determined by the use and shaping of datasets – see what data is used…

Saskia Thomas

CEO & CCO of AI-Designers

CEO and Chief Creative Officer of AI-Designers – Interior design & product development in the upholstered furniture sector are my professional tasks, with artistic aspects taking up a large space in my work and leisure time.

AI-based art and design

Generative Artificial Intelligence has ushered in an exciting new era of art, where algorithms and machines perform creative processes.

From analyzing huge amounts of data to creating unique works of art, AI systems can help push the boundaries of the human imagination and discover new forms of artistic expression.

An important advantage of open, generative AI systems lies in their ability to enable new forms of artistic expression. By manipulating and reinterpreting data, they can generate unconventional aesthetic results and push traditional artistic boundaries. This encourages an experimental approach to art and helps create new trends and styles.

Christoph B.

Computer Scientist and Content Creator

Passionate Computer Scientist – Scientist in the field of computer vision

A strong background in machine learning and AI-based systems helps me to tap into my passion for art and new creative fields of application.

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